Inspired by @Arte_CA
  1. Pablo picasso
    This is what happens when you bring a 5 yo to see Guernica at the MOMA. Art can be beautiful AND meaningful? Yes please.
  2. Woody Allen
    Ugh, I am so disappointed in what he became but I cannot leave him off. Awkward, funny and smart. I love the sadness in his humor. He taught me the power of laughter during your darkest times.
  3. Howard stern
    He taught me to be open. The right people will be there to listen.
  4. Martha Stewart
    Ladies can kick ass in business and don't have to be nice about it. It's just business, it's not personal.
  5. Jane Austen
    Calling people out on their ridiculous rules, as a woman, during a time when women had little power or voice. Fight the power!