Posters on my wall

In the 80's I had a bulletin board covered in posters. These were some of my choices
  1. Top gun
    Didn't see the movie, just thought he was cute
  2. Michael Jackson
    My dad recorded my album to a tape for me so I could listen on my Walkman. Constantly. Of course headphones didn't help them because I would sing along. Loudly.
  3. Guernica
    I went to the Picasso exhibit at the moma and was never the same. Pretty dark art for a kids room.
  4. Cocktail
    Didn't see this one either. I caught up with all of these years later at a more appropriate age. Probably wouldn't have had the posters if I had seen them earlier.
  5. Keith haring
    I met him at a "no nukes" rally in Central Park. This one was on the wall by my bed.