Things that happened in my teenage life that would never happen now

God this list makes me seem old.
  1. Boyfriend called the house in the middle of night
    A landline, I know, how strange.
  2. Wrote my school papers by hand, then typed them.
    Oh and my mom spellchecked them first cause no spellcheck. Oh, and it was on a typewriter.
  3. Watched "must see tv" live
    Had to wait until summer reruns if you missed it or hope you had a friend who could retell it the next day.
  4. Went to the library for research
    Used a card catalog, microfiche, and a photocopier.
  5. Wrote letters to friends
    Even had a roll of stamps in the junk drawer.
  6. Took photos on film
    You could have them printed in an hour, but it cost extra and you only got one print of each.