1. Rude airline personnel
    Why are you yelling at me...you're giving me wrong information...but you're supposed to be able to help me, you're at the customer service desk!!!
  2. Rude passengers
    We're all in this together, please don't push me out of the way because "you're in a hurry..." because so am I
  3. Going through customs/security check when I have a connecting flight
    I'm about to miss my flight if I haven't already thanks to these long lines...
  4. Having to show my boarding pass to 20 different people before getting to the gate
    Why do you have to see it?! I just showed it to someone 2 minutes ago...
  5. Having to check-in my carry on luggage because "there's not enough space on the plane"
  6. Finding out that there was actually plenty of room on the plane for my luggage
    I guess they saved me the trouble of having to deal with that mess
  7. Overpriced food and drinks
    Is this a theme park?
  8. Why are you bringing your pets and then using them as an excuse to ride one of those carts across the airport?
    "You need to drive me to this gate because I have my dog..." No.
  9. People staring at me while I'm walking down the aisle on the plane
    This is awkward enough, please don't stare at me. Yes I know I just bumped into you, I'm doing my best to not touch anything on either side of me!
  10. Getting my check-in luggages thrown around
    Yes, this is a fact of life, doesn't mean I don't hate it
  11. Go through security, officer finds something "suspicious" in my luggage, officer opens luggage, watch officer ruin my perfectly packed luggage, officer doesn't find anything wrong, officer either leaves all my stuff out or stuffs it back in, completely unorganized
    Now I can't close my luggage and you've ruined everything
  12. My flight having a gate change and not being notified
    Thanks for making me run across the airport with all my stuff
  13. Local