1. That time my middle school crush asked me why all the ugly fat girls always like him.
  2. That time when I was fifteen and a family friend told me I had to choose if I wanted to be a pretty girl or a smart girl because women can't be both.
  3. That time when my best friend called me because she was throwing up blood and I was many miles away and couldn't be there.
  4. That time when I lived on my friend's couch because I had nowhere else to go.
  5. That time when I developed a chronic upper respiratory infection and would cough so hard I thought I had consumption.
  6. That time when I stepped on the elliptical machine for the first time and thought my legs were going to fall off.
  7. That time my boss wouldn't promote me because I looked too young and wore dresses.
  8. That time when I was on the phone with my cousin and told her I broke up with my boyfriend and she called me a closeted lesbian.
  9. That time when I decided I'd rather be alone than date a checklist.
  10. That time when I realized that I wasn't numb just severely traumatized from emotional abuse.
  11. That time I decided that I wanted to be emotionally and physically present.
  12. That time when I decided to figure out what I genuinely like versus the idea or construct.
  13. That time when I realized it's okay to not be okay all the time.