1. My mother is crying Jewish mother tears over not having a future family psychiatrist.
    The stereo type of wanting your child to be a lawyer, Doctor, or accountant is very true for my family.
  2. When you're interested in changing fields entirely, is incredibly intimidating.
  3. Questions arise over what my marketable skills are outside the field of psychology
  4. Having not looked for a job in over six years makes me feel like a divorced mother.
    The job hunting world has changed so much.
  5. Facebook is actually a reliable source.
  6. I was really anxious to edit my resume.
    Only to find, that my resume in it's entirety is rather impressive.
  7. Writing cover letters and no longer needing to put your address and phone number, blew my mind.
  8. It was weird to think that ten years ago I was a teenager working at Barnes and Noble.
  9. Also, having to delete entries.
  10. When talking about the in depth answers I had on a test for a job I applied to, my therapist told me that I'm a Type A personality.
    It was like she was calling me out on my dirty, little secret.
  11. It made me feel both naked and empowered to hear someone else say out loud that I'm a perfectionist.