1. She'd take me to the park and instead of playing on the playground would have me walk around and talk to all the homeless people.
    I remember Key distinctly. He had a dog and used to play guitar.
  2. She would always give out hard candies to strangers.
  3. She would never wait for stop lights to change, instead would walk out into oncoming traffic and make the cars stop for her.
  4. One time she tried to pay for our burgers with Monopoly money and got away with it.
  5. During evenings she would take me to the community center for ballroom dancing
    While she was dancing I would eat finger sandwiches and schmooze with all the other elderly people, hoping to get their raffle tickets.
  6. She had a married boyfriend she went dancing with.
  7. She was my first foray into thrift stores.
  8. One time she asked a woman "how much your baby?" When she mean how old, but she smiles innocently and the woman laughed, and answered her question.
  9. She would take me to the Russian Ballet and bring in tow binoculars from the former Soviet Union.
  10. She likes to go to Funerals and Weddings of strangers and distant acquaintances.
  11. She told me one time that she had a hot and heavy dream about her optometrist.