1. Today I took great satisfaction in seamlessly weaving through lanes and navigating the transition from the 101 to the 110, to the 10.
  2. It was exhilarating and felt like a graceful dance between cars as I sashayed between lanes, navigating LA morning traffic.
  3. Ten years of driving builds confidence on the road.
  4. I was struck by my movement as I thought back to getting my license ten years ago.
  5. Ten years ago, making a U-turn in traffic would send me into a tail spin of anxiety and tears.
  6. Ten years ago I cried out of frustration with my printed google map in hand, thinking I was lost in Echo Park.
  7. The truth is I never made it to Echo Park.
  8. I stopped at the intersection where Sunset, Hollywood, and Virgil Collide.
  9. I stopped to ask for directions.
  10. No one could tell me where I was going.
  11. I decided to run home because I was terrified of driving any further.
  12. I was terrified of having to turn around, back track, and start over.
  13. I was terrified of a car honking at me.
  14. Now, ten years, and 200,000 miles later all I can think about is the excitement of getting lost somewhere and the playlist playing in the background.