1. Spicy food
    Or hot sauce
  2. Coffee
    I can smell the aroma in the morning and it's the very thing that wakes me up with a smile and a warm gaze.
  3. Cigarettes
    Dirty, nasty habit, yet I still get satisfaction from the sound of my lighter flicking and the paper burning from my first cigarette with my coffee.
  4. Used books
    I love the smell and the sensations of turning the pages.
  5. Clean Laundry
    I'll linger outside of a laundromat, warmed by the smell wafting over me.
  6. My blanket
    It's soft and Dusty rose and used to be my cats, I even wear it outside- I love it!!
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  7. My water bottle
    40oz of pure unconditional love. Been together with it longer than most boyfriends I had.
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  8. TiVo
    I bought my 1st one for night feeding when my now 13-yr-old was a newborn. On my 3rd unit & now have a 2nd HD TV connected.
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  9. My iPad
    What can I say? It's how i listen to a majority of my music lately and how I connect to ListApp. 😊
    Suggested by   @holly70
  10. My old car- the LGH.
    Wrote a list about it before it was totaled. I cried like a madwoman when it got towed to be crushed. THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY CAR
    Suggested by   @e