1. I was supposed to be named Leonard
    My mother was thrown for a loop when she gave birth to a girl.
  2. I used to insist upon being called Allen.
    When we immigrated to the United States, a woman in my mother's English class told her that the English translation of my name was Allen.
  3. My mother named me after Helen of Troy.
    It's hard to live up to the face that launched a thousand ships.
  4. I secretly hope to marry someone with a last name that begins with the letter "O", then I'll have the initials "YOLO"
  5. In Spanish class, growing up, I learned to recognize what Spanish speaking region my teachers were from depending on how they would pronounce my name.
  6. I've cringed at every nickname anyone has ever tried to call me.
    Ye-Ye , Yelay, Yeleneypoo, Lenaloo.
  7. People frequently drop the "Y" in my name.
  8. I hate being called Yolanda.
  9. The correct pronunciation of my name is: Yuh-Lay-Nuh