This past week my uncle closed his doors to his restaurant he started in 1982 originally as a sandwich shop. Being a native to Los Angeles I've watched places come and go quite rapidly, but there have been a select few that held a special place in my heart. I still drive by where they used to be and get very nostalgic.
  1. The Tudor House
    This was an English tea house in Santa Monica. It was perfectly decorated, where you could tuck up for an afternoon with a book and high tea. I still miss their rose tea and freshly baked scones.
  2. The Nova Express Cafe
    This intergalactic pizza joint was home to B-movies projected on the wall and a giant Cthulhu statue in the back.
  3. Anastasia's Asylum
    A quaint coffee shop in Santa Monica, they had a loft upstairs with an atmosphere and transported you into the Madhatter's tea party.
  4. Downbeat Cafe
    This Silverlake gem had the best blueberry pancakes.
  5. Largo on fairfax
    I remember counting the days till I turned 21 so that I could catch Jon Brion's set at the original location.
  6. Black Sea
    This was a Russian restaurant home all the recent influx of Eastern European immigrants of the late 80's and 90's. Long after they closed their doors I read T.C. Boyle's short story Without a Hero and thought about how perfectly he captured the neighborhood and the restaurant.
  7. The Silent Movie Theatre
    Though The Silent Movie Theatre still exists and is run by Cinefamily, silent movies are rarely screened now. The Silent Movie Theatre was home to the late Bob Mitchell who was one of the last remaining original silent film organists. He scored the original release of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Seeing a silent film with his incredible, improvisational organ accompaniment was transporting.
  8. Damionos Pizza
    An amazing old Italian pizza joint where you could get one of the best deep dish pizzas in town and top it off with celery soda.
  9. Loehmann's
    This was always a Jewish mother Daughter moment for me. My mom always loved the high fashion bargains she would find.
  10. Portrait of a Book Store
    This little beauty was located in the back of Aroma coffee and tea in North Hollywood. This place felt completely on its own and at the same time felt like it seamlessly tied the cafe together.
  11. To be continued