1. Because I'm too proud to ask for it back
  2. I've scoured several department stores and suit outlets to replace the one I borrowed.
  3. I guess this is a reminder that some of my actions come out of a place of pride.
  4. It makes me think of all the things I've accumulated over the years.
  5. Specifically, a pair of boxer briefs that were left at my house after a New Years party.
  6. I wonder how he left my house without his underwear.
  7. Maybe it was shame and embarrassment
  8. It may have been easier for him to run away while I was asleep on someone else's lap.
  9. Is it weird that on hot nights I like to wear those boxer briefs to sleep?
  10. And all these years later I still have a very clear memory of an insecure boy that wanted my validation and approval.
  11. But I wasn't ready to be emotionally mature and kind.
  12. And now I think of my bow tie and wonder where it is
  13. If he'll wear it and think about the night he met a girl that took him on a 24 hour adventure.
  14. And we felt the sensation of night bleeding into day.