1. Get up a little earlier than you need to.
    I've learned that having solitary time, doing something that I love before I need to get ready and leave for work helps me have a happier start to the day.
  2. Learn to be present to your surroundings
    It's easy to stand back and watch life happen around you. Life will keep happening and moving forward, it's your choice if you want to participate.
  3. Appreciate the process
    Too many times I've found myself goal driven, counting down to the end point, and then I reach it and it's incredibly underwhelming. When I look at each step and value the effort put in to make something happen it makes for a much more fulfilling experience.
  4. Laugh
    Because often times I took myself and situations too seriously. Laughing at myself and situations helped make light of things that were otherwise too serious to comprehend. Life is absurd and there's truth in time plus tragedy equals comedy.
  5. Value your time
    Time is precious, especially when there's a limited amount of free time. Fill your time with things and people that feel meaningful and fulfilling. Also respect other people's time.
  6. Learn to be alone
    Alone is not lonely. Learn to be secure with who you are and what you're doing. Go see a movie, a show, have dinner, go to a museum, coffee shop dwell.
  7. Enjoy not having any responsibilities
    Because those moments are fleeting and once they're gone you can't reclaim them.