Inspired by If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  1. She will stare at you like you're daft.
  2. After she stares at you like you're daft you question your own sanity
  3. Upon questioning your own sanity you feed her the grilled chicken that you're eating
  4. Once she eats your grilled chicken she will demand to sit at the table
  5. When you seat her at the table she's going to demand her own plate.
  6. When you bring her own plate she will cry to be fed from a fork
  7. When you feed her from a fork she will jump down from her seat
  8. When she jumps down from her seat she will drink some ice water
  9. When she drinks her ice water she will wipe her mouth on your feet.
  10. When she wipes her mouth on your feet she will runaway to the couch
  11. When she gets to the couch she will fall asleep.