All using VSCO. Usually I select a base filter, increase the saturation & decrease the temperature, which really makes it pop without looking orange. Then I add contrast and play around with other tweaks, but it differs on each photo depending on the lighting and colors already there.
  1. Before
    58156e5a 70c5 4faa afcf c7d85111ef6f
  2. After
    A0dd2afa 0415 4c29 a235 2331d8da9471
  3. Before
    8f403f7a 612a 49fa a984 3060c9189d1b
  4. After
    2b3ddf16 1c27 4583 8e92 3d6d8d730c2a
  5. Before
    F052b134 6e73 4c2a b75b c3e84d26683f
  6. After
    2a65d527 5b9d 4db7 802f 9baba0526d1c
  7. Before
    1d5ad6e3 ca45 495a a60b 75e6d17ad892
  8. After
    0bf4b4c9 a618 4f48 9ad1 cceaa45fec58
  9. Before
    5e496008 8841 46a9 a7cd d0b8ee30368d
  10. After
    39fcf1d2 83da 47a6 81d6 43284f07ac03
  11. Before
    721cef69 7807 497d bd4d 30d7ed096208
  12. After
    Dd2815df 2f2b 4a67 8b76 8a95ea39971a
  13. Before
    00fec4b7 588c 4fb1 bdb8 01917987ce35
  14. After
    E142dce2 b44b 4d7a 9ac2 e40e286455aa
  15. Before
    357097a1 50f0 4d70 84be 85b506eff221
  16. After
    3962d41c d221 4fa1 9b88 445a4bdac564
  17. Before
    848e3feb 0aaa 4eaf ab65 e286d204f288
  18. After
    76a42656 1ad0 4e96 9d0b 704490cc3bae