Vietnamese cuisine has so many bright and lively flavors to offer and I'm sick of America's obsession with its boring noodley meat water.
  1. Banh xeo
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    Savory thin crispy yellow pancake served with meat, sprouts, and lots of veg, obviously
  2. Ca phe sua da
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    Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Intensely rich and strong but not too bitter or too sweet. You need this.
  3. Bun thit nuong
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    Rice vermicelli noodles with flavorful grilled pork (personal favorite, but can be done with any meat), pickled veg, fresh mint, lettuce, cucumbers, and vinegar chili dressing. So fresh yet totally filling.
  4. Banh mi
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    Toasty French baguette, grilled pork (personal fav), pickled veg, jalapeño & cucumber slices, cilantro, sometimes mayo or other spread. Beats whatever you get at subway I promise.
  5. Bun bo hue
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    If you're still looking for brothy comfort, this is pho's bolder and tastier cousin. Made with lemongrass and chili oil, it's tangier and spicier; and its thicker, more slurp-worthy noodles are way better than pho's pathetic strands.