A vicious cycle. One of the biggest the biggest battles in my life.
  1. You're way too tired to work right now you need a break to boost productivity
    I don't
  2. Laying in bed is a great way to give you energy to get back to work
    It's not
  3. Okay I know it makes you more tired but just close your eyes for like 5 minutes and I swear you'll wake up refreshed
    I won't
  4. I know every time you do this you end up waking up in the morning but there's no way that could happen again
    It will
  5. In fact, you should set a timer to make sure you get up, even though you're notorious for sleeping through alarms
    This is cute
  6. You deserve this after doing so much work already
  7. *NOTE: I fell asleep immediately after making this list in bed and it's now 2 am and I'm at my laptop doing work
  8. *I set an alarm to wake me up in 7 minutes before I closed my eyes
  9. *why is this every damn time
    not even a little bit surprised
  10. .
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