I'm back from the list dead to share some thoughts
  1. A few days ago, Donald Trump held a rally at a high school in Northern VA
  2. One of my dearest friends who attends this school, who is proudly Muslim American and happens to be this year's valedictorian, organized a silent protest on Facebook
  3. I'm so so so proud of her for using her voice to empower others and fight back against all the recent ignorance and hate
  4. Despite the nasty way she was treated by some Trump supporters, she remained patient and kind and classy as hell through it all
    You can read about it in the Post's article, but this included a child calling her ugly for wearing a hijab, people giving her the finger, and some guy telling her that Islam was a religion of rape and murder.
  5. Catch her casually on friggen CNN
    Looking absolutely gorgeous and badass as hell
  6. So of course I tell EVERYONE I know because she's an ethereal goddess who's blessed me with her friendship and I love her so much
  7. She's taught me how beautiful and peaceful Islam is and we've even fasted for Ramadan together.
    Side note: it's HARD. She takes it like a champ while my dramatic ass did it once and I acted like I was dying.
  8. After posting about my Shero on my snapchat story, I get a pretty negative response from some people at MY school
    Which I've mentioned before is mainly Catholic, white, affluent, conservative Republicans
  9. Including straight white guy telling me to "delete that bitchass story" because he was done with people being "OVERLY SENSITIVE" and causing too much controversy
  10. You read that right folks!
  11. Straight white guy dictating what people are allowed to be offended by!
  12. Straight white guy knows exactly what xenophobia feels like!
  13. Straight white guy is constantly being discriminated against for his religion, race, sexuality, and identity and he's doing just fine!
  14. Straight white guy is SO done with all of YOUR complaining he has to deal with!
  15. So, people of list app, I leave you on that note.
  16. I continue to be in awe of my friend. Through harassment and hatred, she emulates nothing but courage and compassion.
  17. But we cannot forget to be a little outraged and disgusted by the cluelessness and privilege that poisons our every day life.