this is just in general and mostly for transphobic people
  1. "preferred" pronouns
    cisgender people get pronouns but trans people get preferred pronouns???? that mainly applies for non binary people but
  2. identify as
    cisgender people ARE a certain rain gender but trans people identify as????
  3. seen as the norm
    being cisgender is seen as normal and the default gender??????
  4. all trans people look the same
    thinking that binary trans people for example, trans males have to have short hair and be very "masculine" looking
  5. misgendering
    calling a trans woman a he isn't gunna change the fact that she's a woman?????
  6. double standards
    if a cisgender boy wears dresses and make up is empowering and shit but if Ia trans boy wears anything like that he's a female is denial?????