1. it is 9:25 in the morning but I have to leave at 10:30 for an appointment
  2. I want one of my friends to wake up before I leave so that I don't just don't disappear and that I'm not alone
  3. so there's one hanging off the bed, and I'm on the floor
  4. so I kicked her in the face
  5. she still hasn't waken up
  6. I kicked her again
  7. she kinda woke up but went back to sleep
  8. im gunna flick her
  9. that didn't work
  10. now I'm looking around but there's only 4 people in the room
  11. there was 5, she couldn't of gone anywhere because it's her house
  12. I'm still trying to wake my other friend up
  13. someone else is moving around a lot so I think they're awake
  14. no ones up bc it's hallory and she won't be up till 2
  15. me rn
  16. I decided to take a flash picture so she would wake up
    didn't work and wasn't a good picture