i need to get back to listing

  1. i missed @olive birthday, i feel dead, she raised me
    you can kill me i won't care i'd be blessed
  2. my makeup is still shook
  3. still very dramatic
  4. i got the kitty cat game finally
  5. i'm still in middle school
    i'm such a youngster, 8th grade wild tho but there aren't nearly as much fights as there were last year (our pod had 28 fights in a week)
  6. took a real pretty picture of the sky
  7. mother nature still has not came and talked to me in another dream yet, love her though
  8. harry shook the whole world! wow!
  9. i got a yellow rain jacket
    for $2 at a yard sale! nice
  10. i'm gunna be eleven for halloween
  11. i have no idea but i'll start listing more!!!!!!