all I do is make list about being trans but
  1. "you used to be a girl though right?..."
  2. "I can't imagine you as a boy..."
    you don't have to imagine, I am one
  3. "I liked you better when you were a girl"
  4. when you come out to someone and they ask if you're ever gunna get surgeries
    how about I worry about my body?????? and you leave me the fuck alone????
  5. "I'm sorry it's just that you changed your name and pronouns and it's hard for me to get them right, it's been hard on me too-"...
    just apologize and fix it???????,
  6. "you're hotter than most cis guys!!!!!"
    I know this is meant to be good, but it just reminds me of the body I have and the body that I want to have?????
  7. "so, you're a boy now"
    I've always been a boy and you've always been an asshole???
  8. "when did you decide to be trans"