inspired by @drugs @notfunny
  1. My legal name is not Luke
    but that is my name, things just don't workout but i'm great and i picked out my name myself
  2. My 'assigned' name is Lily
    sounds weird after you say lily over and over like a tongue twister, not a bad name don't get me wrong, it's just not mine
  3. Middle name is Elijah
    i picked that out with my stoned friend Eli, his real middle name is Elvis and his last name is preston. Eli is one of the coolest people i know, he just needs to stop showing up to school stoned. he's also secretly a drag queen, but he's so cool, i get a lot of makeup tips.
  4. legal? middle name is Elizabeth
    pretty i guess, again, it's not my name
  5. last name isn't interesting