1. that it's okay to be a trans boy and like skirts
    there's literally nothing wrong with it????
  2. it's okay to find out you're trans later
    for a long time I pushed the feeling away of being trans because I didn't find out I was trans when I was 5
  3. trans doesn't have a certain look
    I don't have to change anything to be a boy
  4. there's a lot of transphobia
    like a shit ton
  5. gender and sexuality can change
    just because I was a girl that liked girls doesn't mean that I can't be a boy and like other genders
  6. lots of people don't understand
  7. it's okay to misgender yourself
    sometimes in my head I saw she/her pronouns or call myself a girl because many people still think I'm a girl and that's what I was trained to think as my entire life
  8. that modern baseball was a band
    they're really good????? thanks @lesbian
  9. it's okay for your gender/sexuality to change more than once
  10. you don't need anyone's approval
  11. coming out to people you know will accept you is harder than you thought
  12. coming out to your closest friends is really hard
  13. lots of things will change
  14. getting called the right pronouns feels amazing
    every time my sister called me her brother I get really happy because no one, even people I'm out to use my right pronouns