1. i have 100% in science
    because i mind my own shit
  2. 99% in language arts
    i used to have a D in that class but i'm stepping it up
  3. 100% in math
    i've been taking the same math class since 6th grade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. 96% in orchestra
    i'm really happy because i always get B's in that class
  5. 97% in health
    i'm becoming a doctor
  6. 81% C in social studies
    listen, i got a 97% on my report card
  7. i almost got in a fight 2 weeks ago
    so i was like yo, you can't say faggot "i'll keep saying it because no ones going to stop me" them i got sent to the youth service center and was told to stop picking fights
  8. almost got into a fight yesterday
    different kid, he's real homophobic and i am 1000% fed up with this shit, i was sent to the youth service center again,
  9. my viola playing is going very good
  10. when i'm not almost getting into fights i'm a real good student
  11. i thought i was gunna have a lot more to put on this list
  12. guess not
  13. don't forget to vote today!