wowie!!!! I haven't listed in 2 months!!!!!

you're welcome for that annoying "posted in a while" notification
  2. I started school the 10th of August
    finally and 8th grader I'm so fucking cool
  3. I'm getting a GSA club started at my school
  4. I found a lot more conspiracy theories
  5. look at these shirts I got at wet seal
    (buy one get one 70% off!!!)
  6. my friends call this my grandma sweater
  7. I got some cute button ups!!!!!
    so many trans guys have them! gotta join the fashion
  8. I'm letting my hair grow out
  9. I HAVE ALL A's
    and one B in orchestra (how)
  10. grace is still gay
    she got her phone taken away what a loser (at school)
  11. Britney's back!
  12. dicks out for harambe
    this was a while ago but I'm so funny
  13. photo creds to grace
  14. I went to a tøp concert!
    it was lit af and it was the first show of the tour
  15. went to a 5sos concert
    I cried but I was so lit
  16. found the picture of me crying
  17. I've made a lot of new friends this year!!!!!!!
  18. I swear I'm gunna try to list mode often💓