What makes you guys love (or hate) running?
  1. Fast heart rate
    Don't you just feel alive when your heart is pounding and you're gasping for air? (Sounds like I'm being sarcastic but for real, I love that feeling.
  2. Amazing shoes
    The only time I'll justify buying expensive shoes, your feet need to be taken care of
  3. Pre race meals
  4. Post race meals
  5. Crossing the finish line with thousands of people in front of and behind you
    If you've been to a huge race in a metropolitan city, you know there's nothing better than gathering at the starting line with a sea of runners...nervous and itching to pour their soul out onto the pavement. It's ethereal.
  6. Other people think you're cool
    When I go into the hospital with half marathon related injuries I always get some admiring looks. I'll admit, it makes ya feel kinda snazzy. 😎
  7. The best form of meditation I know