All of the best make up tips that have saved my life and will save yours too!!!
  1. MOISTURIZE! always make sure to apply moisturizer before you apply ANY makeup! It creates a smooth surface for your makeup and is easier to apply! Don't forget to moisturize your lips with Chapstick too!
  2. ALWAYS use a primer! Using a primer can prevent creasing and helps your makeup apply smoother. I like to use concealer to prime my eyes then set with a translucent powder.
  3. DAMPEN YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER! beauty blenders were made to be used slightly dampened, it will help prevent creasing and make your makeup look more natural
  4. BLEND! always always blend out harsh lines, they are very unflattering.
  5. Use concealer to clean up winged eyeliner!
  6. Use setting spray to make your makeup last all day
  7. When contouring try to go for a grayish undertone it's more natural and flattering
  8. Use concealer a to color correct! L.A girl has a bunch of cheap color correcting concealers
  9. Ally do your eye makeup first so if you have any fallout you can cover it with your foundation and concealer
  10. Use rose water to moisturize and set your makeup
  11. For a glowy look mix a illuminating primer with your foundation
  12. Highlight your Cupid's bow to make your lips POP