This is my favorite thing to do.. did not include gigs by musician friends because then there would be too many bullet points. Alternate title: why I'm poor
  1. Charles Kelley/Maren Morris- Gramercy Theatre, 12/1/2015
    I'm including one from 2015, I do what I want. One of my favorite vocalists in country music with one of my favorite newcomers as opener (this was the only stop she played because she got too poppin and opened for wack af keith urban). Pretty sure this was the first show for Charles' new album, and it was great. Honest to goodness, classic gig. "Leaving Nashville" is maybe top 10 best songs of the year. What a voice. I was the only scrub who knew every lyric to the 4 songs Maren played (😍).
  2. Muse- Barclays Center, 1/27/2016
    This is the third or fourth time I've seen Muse live, and they always play a flat out fucking rock n roll show. Brought my mom who is their biggest fan. Not my favorite album of theirs, but setlist was well balanced and the theatrics were typically *Muse-y* (a large drone flew over the crowd at one point). I will never get sick of a stadium chanting along with their anthemic government scolding tunes.
  3. Carly Rae Jepsen- Terminal 5, 3/25/2016
    CRJ fills me with such non-ironic joy. She played a 20 song set which was basically like doing ecstasy I guess? Still somehow an underrated songwriter and performer, I'm so glad I was able to see her tour her E•MO•TION album. Really great fun, I love her a lot.
  4. Governor's Ball Day 1- Randall's Island, 6/3/2016
    Jumping ahead a bit here. My first music festival experience, quite good!! Featured sets from The Strokes (church), Beck (more church), Father John Misty (cool af), Years and Years (new fav courtesy of mayor of Montreal Gab) and Elle King (the god). Fun ass day with friends, lots of cool food vendors. I spent so much fucking money, good lord.
  5. Governor's Ball Day 2- Randall's Island, 6/4/2016
    Snuck in several flasks this day, which made for a better drinking experience and that's always good. Featured sets from The Killers (holy fuck, didn't know how badly I wanted to see them until I did), Haim (😍 need that new album, they fucking rock), Miguel (the god, but unfortunately missed due to Haim), Marian Hill (😍 met them, cool af) and The Knocks (total garbage, waited up front to see Carly Rae Jepsen's special appearance then bounced). Ended in the mud apocalypse, but totally worth it.
  6. Governor's Ball Day 3- Randall's Island, 6/5/2016
    Worst concert of the year by far. Featuring sets from fucking nobody because it was canceled. Got *hella drunk* at my apartment instead with like 10 friends which sort of made up for it.
  7. Kacey Musgraves/Conor Oberst- Northside Festival in a Williamsburg parking lot? 6/11/2016
    Guess who I was there for. Stood front row to see my one tru chainz love Kacey Musgraves run through her Country & Western Rhinestone Revue set which never gets old for me. Pageant Material 4ever. She was drankin and having a good old time. Plz go see her if you can.
  8. Dixie Chicks- Madison Square Garden, 6/13/2016
    Was never a huge fan of theirs, but I got tickets for my gf because she worshipped them as a kid. Graphics used on the big screen ranged from corny as hell to truly terrifying (dark red horses sloshing through water that looked like blood, because red). Totally worth it to see how happy my girlfriend was.
  9. Ellie Goulding- Madison Square Garden, 6/21/2016
    General admission tickets courtesy of @briancrowley. I fucking loOove Ellie Goulding. Her new album is great, and she played most of it. Her voice is stellar. Cannot believe how attractive she is. Very good show!!
  10. Coldplay- MetLife Stadium, 7/16/2017
    Good god I had been dying to see Coldplay in concert since I was like, 12 (today show and global citizen didn't count). Best example of an amazing touring band. Live music and vocals perfectly executed. Fireworks and confetti abound. Light up fucking bracelets for everyone that coordinate with the songs (when they played "Yellow" it was all yellow 😏). I love these guys and anyone who shits on them has no heart.
  11. Chris Stapleton- Forest Hills Stadium, 7/23/2016
    Very important for me to see him tour the outstanding "Traveller" album. Pure rock n roll concert experience, just him and his band wailing away. Truly awesome, I fucking love this guy.
  12. Kanye West- Madison Square Garden, 9/6/2016
    Yeezus fucking Christ, I was in the pit for the St Pablo tour and honestly it was even better than you might have heard. Nonstop onslaught of hits straight hits. The floating stage is exactly the kind of weirdo innovation I subscribe to Kanye for (that, and his consistently excellent albums). I now own like 100 different kinds of Pablo merch and am poor because of it. I regret nothing.
  13. Adele- Madison Square Garden, 9/20/2016
    50% songs that make me want to cry, 50% genuinely funny stand up comedy special?? Adele is the brilliant exception to every janky part of the music industry. Her songs are just.. they're just as good as everyone says they are, maybe better. Cannot say enough good about this woman and her talent. Still a little bit in disbelief that I actually got a ticket.
  14. The Meadows Day 2- Citi Field/Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 10/2/2016
    This festival was set up to make up for the cancelation of Governor's Ball Day 3, and I guess it sort of did? Most of the crowd was under her age of like, 16.. which was weird but good for the lines to buy alcohol!! Featuring sets from Chance the Rapper (2016's golden child, best of the day), Pusha T (watched white teenagers make out to his songs, I don't think they got the point of "Drug Dealers Anonymous".. still an excellent show), Charles Bradley (amazing, get well soon), Bryson Tiller (nah)
  15. Static
    The 1975 (my brother loves them), The Temper Trap (great!!) and a half Kanye set (because his wife was robbed, very sad and bad). Fun day, not as good as Gov Ball. Got to meet Desus and Mero though so that was tight.
  16. Sia/Miguel- Barclays Center, 10/25/2016
    Peak pop art. Sia is a genius, impossibly good at singing. Maddie Ziegler for president. Miguel should be the biggest star in the world, what a god damn rockstar. Holy fuck what a show.
  17. Good Charlotte- PlayStation Theatre, 11/14/2016
    Brian fucked up his foot and wanted to make sure his tickets didn't go to waste.. so he asked me, a definite non-fan of this band, to go. Had a nice time though!! They seem like nice guys who *get it* and also I recognized most of the songs from Brian playing that album basically nonstop when we were kidz. Made sure not to be a jaded dickhead on my brothers behalf.
  18. Margo Price- Bowery Ballroom, 11/15/2016
    I tweeted her a few hours before the show to request an album track she has, and not only did she play it, she CALLED ME OUT BY NAME and DEDICATED THE SONG TO ME. Then she SHOOK MY HAND AND SAID IT WAS NICE TO MEET ME. Very exciting moment for ya boy. The whole concert was excellent, her album is by far one of the year's best.
  19. Elle King- Beacon Theatre, 11/22/2017
    We bought these tickets a while ago, in hopes that it would be part of a tour for a new album (which was not the case, although she did play some new tunes). Always nice to hear favorites from the Love Stuff album. She married a couple on stage, which was awesome in that weird Elle King sort of way.
  20. Kacey Musgraves- The Town Hall, 12/8/2016
    Keeping with my attempted "see her twice a year" goal, I went to see Kacey's Christmas concert. Main highlight was her playing her rendition of "A Spoonful of Sugar" which was unexpected and brilliant. Her original Christmas songs are so nice. I will never get sick of seeing her live, Kacey Musgraves represents all that I love about music.