This list is a major 🔑
  1. The pathway to more success
    Always features a clip of his weird flip flops (slides) that say his.. Snapchat catchphrases?
  2. Chef Dee
    Specializes in egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and water. Clearly doesn't want to be there!!
  3. Fan Luv
    White teenagers clearly making fun of him.
  4. Water
    Constantly and non-ironically suggests that you drink at least a gallon of water every day (about twice the actual doctor recommended amount).
  5. Apple Ciroc
    Celebrate success right, the only way. Not even the best Ciroc!!
  6. Elliptical talk soon come
    Makes no sense and is.. Just kind of gross.
  7. The half smirk
    Looks like he's having a stroke.
  8. They
    ..don't want you to like this list. So what we gon do? We gon like this list. #BlessUp