Drake is a nice man who is usually good at music but then sometimes god DAMN he says shit like this:
  1. "Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum." -Pop Style
    I think he just.. Stopped trying as hard recently.
  2. "I know you think it's funny that your ex is not a running back, but that n*gga came running back." -Mine by Beyoncé
    She did not think that was funny.
  3. "Just cause he's got a heart, don't mean he got a heart. Could be standing in a field, and he still ain't in the field." -Come and See Me by PARTYNEXTDOOR
    These gems come Back to Back, so double points for that kind of blatantly stupid simplicity.
  4. "Hundred cousins out in Memphis, they so country. Wow!!" -Jumpman with Future
    Can't tell you EXACTLY why this is stupid, but it is. How do you manage to say the dumbest thing on a song with Future?
  5. Honestly I'm a huge fan of Drake's and can't think of a fifth one off the top of my head. Let me know if you have a suggestion *Birdman hand rub*