1. The Next 6 Minutes
    Because things are looking up
  2. Grass
    My attempt at self awareness
  3. I Met a Girl
    I think this is where people started paying attention
  4. The Trouble Kid Song
    Unfortunately autobiographical
  5. Radio/Insincerity with @briancrowley
    Crowley Brothers tunes
  6. Sorry (Justin Bieber cover) with @briancrowley
    A song about referees
  7. Slow Dance
    Quiet song that people listened to!! That's good
  8. Drink About It/Bitch Better Have My Money (Rihanna cover snippet)
    Crowd favorite about hating your fucking job/requiring cash
  9. Cocaine and Yoga
    Not Cocaine and Yogurt
  10. Pretty Little Adelaide
    I invite her to every one of these shows and am glad she's never come
  11. Drinking Alone/Every Morning When I Wake Up
    Two Irish men in suits fucking LOVED this one