Anyone can follow this travel list, I am travelling Central America with a 15 pound bag. Let's begin..
  1. Passport and Immunization Certificate (real copy)
    Keep these well hidden and only use them at the airport or border crossings
  2. Copies of the above certifications
    Give these to anyone who asks for your passport, and get them back stating they are your only copy to deter thieves
    Drivers license, ID, health card , passport , immunization, contact information or any thing else you may need. I have al my info on Google Drive on a free account. Simple.
  4. Travel journal and Itinerary
    I don't go anywhere without a journal. Keep a nice pen with you as well. I use a metal cases sharpie that could easily double as a self defence weapon, if needed.
  5. 3 Outfits
    One to wear, one to wash, one to dry. All spandex or nylon to speed up the drying process. I have 3 full outfits, a dress shirt, and a bathing suit, in a 12x12 organizer (and a camera lens) I also have an SPF 50 Columbia dress shirt, and a cheap pair of non flashy sunglasses.
  6. Light my fire Knife/Spork
    These guys have a great bag of tools and I happened to get this one for my meal consumption
  7. Nikon D3000
    Just a camera, I keep the body and lens separate while storing to prevent full theft of my gear
  8. Books
    Vagabonding and think and grow rich, both great books and eye opening. Also a great way to keep in touch with your home reality.
  9. 1 flashlight 1 headlamp
    Seems counterintuitive to carry both, but I don't always have room for a headlamp, 4 inch flashlight is useful.
  10. 4 x 8 storage unit for bathroom shit
    Hand sanitizer, razor, deodorant etc keep it small and compact you can get this stuff on the road for next to nothing. I also carry my medications, malaria, anti diarrhea etc
  11. iPhone, and external battery
    I have the phone to navigate, get around and photos. Carry a charger and I have an external battery as well, Just for emergencies
  12. Hidden money Belt
    This is not a tested product but it is incognito. Almost unnoticeable, and if someone want all the cash I have they will have to take my belt and then search it. Not likely. Keep emergency cash here.
  13. Bucket hat and Buff/head wrap
    I use a basic tye dye bucket hat and a buff wrap that says Canada to remind me where I'm from. I love both of these products and the buff is multi use. Infinite possibilities, I don't go anywhere without it
  14. Business Cards
    I am always interested in networking and the best opportunities happen at the least expected times. Carry business cards in a carrier or a stack in your pack. Network abroad!
  15. Positive attitude and outlook
    If you are positive, positive things will happen to you. This is the most important thing I carry with me. Everything prior to this item is an option and not a necessity. You will create more opportunity than you could imagine if you maintain positivity.