(A challenge from friend @readjulia )
  1. That everyone has good in them.
    Even Donald Trump. These people weren't born with their hate and their narcissism. They are lost and they are suffering. The wolf is at the door, constantly, for mean and hateful people. Their need to take it out on you or me or the world may not be solveable, but they have some kernel, deeply buried , that they started out with that is good. It might be too late to nurture it for most, but I try never to forget that it 's there.
  2. That the people in your life who cause the most grief are your greatest teachers.
    Without these people there would be no path to self growth. That sounds corny but it's absolutely 100 percent true. It's what got me through a bad marriage and helped me heal from all that wreckage.
  3. That perfectionism is the Siameae twin sister of procrastination.
    These two operate hand in hand. I procrastinate because I'm afraid of making mistakes, of not being good enough, of fearing the feeling of overwhelm. Projects perfectly executed would not cause that anxiety, but I know imperfection is inevitable in any project . A conundrum that stalls me endlessly.
  4. That God is in the imperfection.
    Contrary to what I just said, (aren't I frustrating?) I do believe that if we embrace, as the Persian carpet weavers and Japanese ceramicists do, imperfection as the true nature of all things, both animate and inanimate, we will suffer less and be satisfied more with the beauty all around is, and more importantly, within us. Hard to do, not going to lie.
  5. That chccolate is often the answer.