What are yours?
  1. I can't write unless my kitchen is spotless.
    I have no idea why this is my form of procrastination, and I've tried like hell to just sit down in the morning and get some work done, but no. The kitchen is screaming to me after getting kids off to school and I must obey.
  2. I can't leave my shower unless I've squeegeed the shower doors.
    Sometimes I polish the hot/cold handle and the door handle too. If I have time. And if I'm in someone else's shower and there's no squeegee I exit feeling a little less clean.
  3. I can't go to bed without plumping the pillows in the family room.
    They're a mess after we have all watched tv and the dog has made one of them his throne. Rearranging everything to look good for when I come back down in the morning clears my head.
  4. That's it. Only three. So I'm basically less neurotic than a lot of y'all. Tell me yours, I dare you.