As Requested by Read Julia
  1. That asking three questions of anyone is the best way to get a rep as an amazing conversationalist.
  2. That young Toshiro Mifune and Paul Newman (age 65 and below) were the two most handsome men ever born.
  3. That life wouldn't be worth living without cheese.
  4. That people should read books with covers that they can hold in both hands. That turning pages and feeling them between ones fingers and smelling paper and glue and ink transcends any technology that makes books more portable.
  5. That dancing truly can free your soul.
  6. In stopping for a lemonade every time you see a homemade stand. Even if you have no cash. You will make three seven year olds extremely happy.
  7. In the bouncing playfulness of puppies and dogs.
  8. That eyebrows and hair are the make or break determiners of good looks.
  9. That President Obama is the best Prwsident we will have in my lifetime. Most thoughtful, intellectual, heartfelt, humorous, shrewd, handsome President. No one will compare to that and I will miss him terribly.
  10. In no character counts on apps. I believe in no creative restrictions!
  11. That even if one has only two followers, it's worth spending the time making them happy by fulfilling their list requests.