1. Sikhism
    Went to an incredible 3 day Sikh wedding. Never even crossed my mind to understand that religion, which has nothing to do with Hinduism. Fairly progressive in many ways. Got to wear gorgeous colored clothing. With head scarfs!
  2. Swimming
    Have started swimming again. I feel like a kid when I hit the water. How did I ever give this up?
  3. Perrier Sparkling Grapefruit water. So refreshing.
    Liquid happiness. Like sparkling stars glittering around my mouth.
  4. The Americans
    Finally binge watching season 4. Goddamn it its so good. My own personal Drug. I bet it's way better than crystal meth.
  5. Shutterfly
    Back into fantasizing that I can catalog my life in picture books.
  6. Designing a spiffy logo for my blog and future BIG THINGS coming my way.
    I'm not sure I need one but Godaddy talked me into it. Anyway, it's fun.
  7. li.st
    It's been awhile. But I'm back.