Ok. I've been challenged.
  1. Matt Damon's biceps. Then his chest. Then his abs.
  2. President Obama's favorite chair.
    The one he sits in every night in The Treaty Room. The one where he thoughtfully writes and rewrites speeches.
  3. My son's hair as he walks by me, like I used to when he was younger.
    He's 17 now and pretty much off limits to mom lovingly sweeping her fingers through his locks.
  4. My ex husband's hand when he's angry, to calm him down when he's mad at the world.
    Not a good idea now.
  5. My Arms around every parent who has lost loved ones through gun violence.
    My arms around the parents of the shooters too, who must be living their own brand of hell.
  6. An open handed slap across The Donald's face.
  7. My feet against my daughter's feet, creating a wall of legs as we pass a ball between us.
    Again, something we haven't done since she was 5. Ten years ago or so.