Things President Obama (Aka "Barry Mcbarry") Would List if He Were on List App

You just know that, given anonymity, the President would go to town.
  1. Senators that make me want to throw up.
  2. Fashion fails I could never tell my wife yhat she made.
  3. Cute things my Porties do.
  4. 7 irritating as fuck things that high school seniors do to drive their parents crazy
  5. Worst celebrity chef dinners ever.
  6. 4 reasons why I think bowing is stupid when you can just shake hands.
  7. Six favorite swear words in order of frequency of use.
  8. 10 super embarrassing questions I have for Sarah Palin if I had the chance to meet her completely alone.
  9. New design ideas for Telepompters.
  10. Hilarious "bright ideas" my subordinates have come up with.
  11. Fantasy "If I Ruled the World" ideas.