The Hotel Edition
  1. Bottle of Water offered for $5 in the room.
    Come on hotel. We know this costs you 75 cents in bulk. Build it into the price of every room. 1.50 more for every room and offer it for "free". Guests feel special, not pissed off and duped. See how that works?
  2. 9.95 a day for 24 hour wifi.
    What is this, 2008? Last time I had to pay for Wifi was a three star hotel in Italy.
  3. No accessible outlets.
    If I have to move a desk to plug in my iPhone this damn well better be a SUPER charming, old hotel in Europe.
  4. Tiny blow dryers with no power.
    Again. This better be France or Italy. But France and Italy should get their asses in gear regarding this amenity.
  5. Thresholds in bathrooms.
    What? Why? No!
  6. No full length mirror.
    Just. So. Irritating.
  7. No Showercaps.
    I don't wash ALL my hair every day. Sometimes just the bangs. Get it? I NEED a showercap! And I don't want to BRING a showercap. Nor a blow dryer (see above.). IRRITATING!