1. When people post 2 pictures every day of their 6 year old making "selfie" faces. One picture every two weeks should be the limit on cute selfie-faced kid pics.
  2. When people post comments that have nothing to do with original article/video/meme. Clearly they didn't spend any time thinking through the message. Or they are batshit high.
  3. When some of my conservative friends' (yes, I have a few, and love them in spite of their politics) posts slip through to my timeline and I feel sad about how we don't understand the world in the same way.
  4. When there are too many ads in my timeline.
  5. When I post amazing articles that nobody reads. Which leads me to believe I've become invisible.
  6. When I spend the time and read other people's posted articles, make a comment and that person doesn't even LIKE my comment. Which leads me to believe I've become invisible.