Ok, I'm on Facebook a lot because I share political stuff. And writerly stuff- that's me.
  1. A Low Likes Day
    Look, I get that everyone and their mom is writing about how sexist and awful the media and the alt right are about Hillary's walking pneumonia episode. What do I really have to add to that convo? Not much. But I DID share a HILARIOUS post from the Onion from 2013 that was just a perfect scathing commentary on all that has happened to our Hillary this entire campaign. Ok? And NO LIKES! Really? It was fantastic. Brilliant. Pretty sure nobody read it.
  2. The fact that a Low Likes day on FB can somehow make me hate the world.
    I also posted about my bad ass congressman Ted Lieu who is a rockstar in the same way Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are. Total progressive, totally rips new ones on people who completely deserve it. But nary a nod my way on that excellent post. So I was sad about it. And then mad about it.
  3. Why does it matter? Why does anything matter?
    Why does Ted Lieu or Hillary Clinton or The Donald or Mark Zuckerburg or that guy who does the wild ass dancing down the streets of Brooklyn matter? At all at all?
  4. Somehow it all matters, because that's the way the world works now. Which is stupid AF.
    I'm caught up in it. I got hooked into social media, especially FB and here I am, having a Low Like day and mad about it. it has that kind of power. Really, honestly, truly I need to get a life. Thanks Mark Z. - for nothin'.
  5. Thanks for listening li.sters
    No pressure to like this list. It's different here.
  6. On li.st I feel supported.
    No explanation needed. You people are awesome. If someone puts time in here, because we like to share cool things so others can enjoy them too, people get it, and are responsive.
  7. FB vs li.st.
    No comparison.