Albums That Changed My Life

  1. Come On Over
    No caption needed.
  2. The Eminem Show
    Because sometimes you just gotta get your inner 8 Mile out.
  3. Bad
    Yep, bandwagon fan after his passing. But this album is one of my favorites.
  4. 21
    Queen Adele.
  5. Ultraviolence
    The roots behind my love for depressing music.
  6. Pure Heroine
    Um. Kween.
  7. Blown Away
    Drive through town right before a storm, windows down and this album blasting. #musicvideo
  8. Lifesong
    Jesus Saves, Bro.
  9. Coyote Ugly Soundtrack
    This movie is life.
  10. Grease Soundtrack
    Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.