Thanks to an old boss who was a craft beer snob I have become one so I want to put together a list of all my favorite fall beers
  1. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Brauhaus Riegele 2015
    This is a new brew this year from Sierra Nevada. They did a great job providing a genuine Oktoberfest taste from an American Brewer with the combo with Brauhaus Riegele.
  2. Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale
    One of the most flavorful pumpkin ale out there. Strong hoppy undertones give way to a flavorful pumpkin spice. It's the just right pumpkin beer for the fall.
  3. Harpoon UFO Pumpkin
    When is unfiltered any wrong? Classic taste complemented by a mild spice. If you're only going to have one pumpkin beer this is the one to try.
  4. Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby
    Two Roads never disappoints and Roadsmary's Baby is a prime example. What's better than supporting local and having a great brew? Not much.
  5. Long Trail Brewery Harvest
    This is a strong brew. Long Trail keeps to their roots in a hoppy and full body taste not found anywhere else. It's harvest time and celebrate with this brew.
  6. Ballast Point Dead Ringer
    Darker of the Octoberfest brews but damn does it taste good. With its spooky theme Ballast Point pulls out all the stops on this brew.
  7. Back East Brewery Octoberfest
    Back East is a real hidden gem in the world of beer. CanCan you way over to a nice and refreshing fall brew.