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  1. drinking water
    we all knew this though
  2. dove soap and deodorant
    he often snaps himself in the shower. rubbing dove all over his face and chest. if you want more success then this is how to do it, people
  3. listerine mouthwash
    basically anything pertaining to good hygiene is a key to success
  4. cocoa butter
    after his shower snaps it's usually followed by him rubbing cocoa butter all over his chest
  5. taking vitamin c
  6. halls cough drops
  7. no pork
    he stays reppin that chicken sausage every morning. if you wanna be successful, no pork
  8. keep your head above the water
    as he's sitting in his jacuzzi
  9. getting a manicure and pedicure once a week
  10. let the voice rest
    after losing his voice at his birthday celebration
  11. getting a massage once a week
  12. 🔑
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