never a dull moment in kindergarten
  1. "I want to pray for my mom because she doesn't know how to park the car so good."
    I work at a Catholic school so every morning we pick 3 people to say a prayer for someone. This was one of them.
  2. *moves hands toward face* "We're eating air. It tastes like pizza and bacon!!!"
  3. "Well, on Saturday you can!"
    In response to me telling them that just like them, I can't just do whatever I want to while I'm at school.
  4. "I really miss my mom. JUST KIDDING!!!"
  5. "What's your favorite color????"
    This happened immediately after the priest at church asked to have a moment of silence for those affected by 9/11.
  6. "But you have a tattoo of chicken wings!"
    She was referring to my tattoo of angel wings.