1. my family had "Happy Birthday Tracey" written on my cake...along with "Bad Girl" written underneath
    I was only 3. and I was a brat. there are pics of all my relatives laughing about it except me cos I couldn't read yet. I need to find those. ps I'm also no longer a brat
  2. group of friends bought a power ranger piñata for a friend's bday
    stuck a pic of his face on it and filled it with a little candy and a lot of condoms. none of our parents knew until we took turns breaking it open at the party. and his dad got it all on tape.
  3. I got burned right on the nose with a cigarette
    at a friends' 21st bday celebration. a friend was drunk and bumped into my hand that was holding said cigarette. I ran in the house and she ran after me to apologize and ate shit on the kitchen floor. everyone said "it's fine let me see.....oh shit!" not encouraging to a drunk person. woke up the next morning forgetting what happened. told my mom I must've scratched myself in my sleep. she either believed me or just didn't wanna deal with it. luckily I don't have a scar to prove this happened.
  4. went to Dave & Buster's for my bday
    won/was given an insane amount of tickets. when I tried to redeem them I got rejected cos the prize center had just closed. that was maybe 3 years ago and I still haven't redeemed those tickets
  5. broke my foot and didn't know til the next day
    friend's bday celebration in San Francisco. I was blacked out. and wearing 4 inch heels. somehow made it home safely. it was not a good time for me in my life. (I'm good now tho)
  6. got stuck with a hotel room in Anaheim
    decided to do a joint celebration with a friend. the plan was to book a hotel room in Anaheim to get fucked up in with our friends, then go to Disneyland the next day. a few days before the party, Disneyland raised admission prices. everyone was too broke to go, so we got drunk in Anaheim for a night, stopped by downtown Disney (cos free), then went home. I haven't been to Disneyland in years and prob never will again (cos poor)
  7. that one year when I sat there and felt super uncomfortable as I watched everyone sing to me. in public.
    oh wait that's every year