I wanted to challenge myself and limit it to ten. it was as difficult as I imagined it would be, but as of right now in no particular order..
  1. My Boo - Ghostown DJ's
    you always have a jam that makes you drop everything and have an "awww shiiiit" moment. this is that jam for me. I'm 💯sure that if I ever for some reason end up being a producer or DJ that I'd always open with this one. http://youtu.be/QxRiwnmYjMg
  2. Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    this one makes me feel so fuzzy even if I'm single af. whenever I hear this I always have to play it at least one more time. it's so honest and genuine. http://youtu.be/4306i99LMXo
  3. The Waitress - Atmosphere
    I love love love Atmosphere. it was so hard to pick one song, but this is one of those ones that I have to rap along with from start to finish. a lot of their songs tell stories with an interesting twist at the end, this being one of them. pair that with soulful feeling beats and it's just👌🏽 http://youtu.be/sjFfFjdB8AM
  4. Bonita Applebum - A Tribe Called Quest
    I kept going back and forth between this one and Can I Kick It? you're up major points in my book if you're one of the people who can quest like a tribe does 🙌🏽 http://youtu.be/HU_4pf8BSQw
  5. Badfish - Sublime
    also hard to just pick one Sublime song. this one always reminds me of fun times in the summer or in college. http://youtu.be/rmadSGJCzo8
  6. Time - Hans Zimmer
    this is the song that plays in the final scene of Inception. the entire score is magnificent (obviously cos Hans freakin Zimmer) but this one gives me sooo many feels, and I tbh I think it would even if I hadn't seen the movie. http://youtu.be/MuAGGZNfUkU
  7. Love and Happiness - Al Green
    so hard to pick between this and the obvious Let's Stay Together. I love that older r&b/soul/motown type vibe (Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, etc.) http://youtu.be/sCXEtvbJkkY also this video is amazing
  8. The Girl from Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema) - Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto, and Stan Getz
    favorite Bossa nova track. makes me feel like I'm at a classy rooftop party on a summer afternoon in California in the '60s. http://youtu.be/c5QfXjsoNe4
  9. All Falls Down - Kanye West ft. Syleena Johnson
    I knew I'd have to narrow it down to one Kanye track and I knew it was most likely going to be from his first album. this song made me think about a lot in my life during my teen years. http://youtu.be/8kyWDhB_QeI (also how 🔥🔥🔥is Stacey Dash?! she does not age)
  10. Creep - Radiohead
    hard to pick one Radiohead track but I chose this one because this is the first one I remember hearing on the radio. you just feeeel the emotion in this song even if you don't necessarily relate. I remember reading that Thom Yorke said he got a lot of letters from murderers saying how much they could relate to the song so we're all learning a lot about me right now. http://youtu.be/XFkzRNyygfk
    I might need to make multiple lists of favorite songs just to get it out of my system