thanks @nathanveshecco !! I've been suffering from block lately haha
  1. Netflix
    they recently added The Joy of Painting and for only that reason I'm gonna say under.
  2. Justin Bieber
    OVER since the beginning. never been a fan, never will be. although I will say, smart move having Skrillex produce his last album. definitely opened him up to a bigger fan base and made it easier for him to stay relevant. but as a person he's still a scumbag (not that I know him personally but I'm pretty sure it's an accurate assumption).
  3. Banjos
    anytime I think of banjos I think of Doug Funnie. under.
  4. Omelettes
    UNDER. perfect preparation of eggs is an art👌🏽omelettes give you the freedom you want but still provide that yummy eggy comfort you need.
  5. Vodka
    o v e r. first time I drank excessively and made a fool of myself in high school was with vodka. it smells like cleaning product and bad memories. what tequila is to most people is what vodka is to me. point me to the whiskey.