taken over the course the past 2 years or so. other people that I follow on here made lists like this but tbh I can't remember because it was so long ago 💁🏽 sorryyy
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    this set would look a lot better if it didn't have to be square
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    was going for some sort of underwater feel
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    taken at work. number practice.
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    while laying under a tree at the park I noticed the branches looked like neurons. I have this fascination with things in nature that resemble our anatomy. makes me feel more connected to the earth
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    a friend had this magazine at his apt. his friend happened to have this phone case. I couldn't miss this opportunity.
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    yall thought I was somewhere cool but really I was in a strip mall parking lot somewhere in the valley. good reminder to always look up.
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    I feel like this one was kinda heavy, but the goal was to make the trees stand out more.
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    taken in Little Tokyo
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    this set also would look better if they weren't forced to be square 😪
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    also a bit heavy. idgaf.
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    my cousin's bulldog, Cinnabon. I'm very proud of the fact that I came up with her name 😍😊
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    taken on my 25th birthday from Ernest E. Debs Regional Park (which is really cool btw and def worth checking out)
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    taken in some restaurant somewhere downtown that sells spiked boba
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    my dog on her 5th birthday after she dropped her cake. yes I went to a dog bakery and bought her a slice of cake. she's an angel and I have no shame in spoiling her 😘
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    very important advice courtesy of Guisado's
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    peep that scar on my wrist. came from my air bag when I got into a car accident last year. interesting how I managed to get hurt right around my tattoo but not actually on it (the tattoo is a tribute to my guardian angel, my dad, who passed 13 years ago).
  41. bless you if you made it through this whole list 🙏🏽😘